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Sugar Free Cranberry Sauce

T day is coming up so i’m reposting this. I’ve been out sick for the past couple of weeks, Flu, Cold, Infected Tooth, who knows? Any way I was in no mood to Blog so no Blog.


It’s the season so I decided to add a couple more of our Holiday favorites. Sugar Free Cranberry Sauce is not totally sugar free. It does have some orange juice in it and cranberries do have a little sugar in them. This is a whole berry sauce (not jellied). We used to make it with tons of sugar, now we use Splenda. One batch makes enough for about 6 people, so if it’s only you and one other, cut everything in half. Ideally you want to make this ahead of time so it has time to thicken in the fridge. The day before is good but at least 4-6 hours ahead.


2 12 oz. bags of fresh cranberries
1 good sized orange
1 cup of Splenda
2 cups of water
2 Tbs. of White Wine
1 Tbs. of Lime juice


Wash the cranberries in a strainer and drain. Put them in a medium pot with the two cups of water, the wine and lime juice. Make zest out of the orange skin using a zester. It’s a tool you can buy at the grocery store that cuts thin strips out of the peel, leaving the white pith on the orange.

Put the zest into the pot and squeeze the juice from the orange and add it to the pot. Add the cup of Splenda and stir it all together.

Cover and boil for about 5 min. or so. Then turn down the heat to low and simmer for about ten minutes. Let it cool on the stove and then in the fridge.



My book “Small Foods” available on Amazon, has lots more recipes, sorry no deserts or sauces, just Entrees and all of them ramekin sized. We will add the deserts section in the   next book.

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Low Sugar Pumpkin Pie


Thanksgiving and The Holidays are coming so I thought it might be the time to start talking, PIE. I was working on the perfect pumpkin pie starting about 20 years ago. Through successive versions I finally got to where I thought I had it. It was delicious, but it had more calories and fat in it then I really intended. For a few years I left it well enough alone until we decided to start lowering the amount of white sugar in our diet. The pie had to be changed.

So I started working on a no sugar pumpkin pie. I switched the sugar to Splenda. That was a big start, but Molasses is basically burned sugar and that’s part of what gives pumpkin pie it’s distinct flavor. Try as I could, I could not find a replacement, even Pusser’s Black Rum didn’t do it.

So I settled on a low-sugar pie. It’s still over the top in flavor (also calories so don’t eat a lot of it). We leave out the graham cracker crust, but it’s still dynamite. We love it, hopefully you will too. This makes a big pie. If you need smaller, cut the recipe in half  and cook in Large Ramekins (PAM sprayed) for 20 min. @ 350 then check for doneness with a toothpick.

We like a thick pie so we use a large spring form pan.  There’s no crust on this pie so the spring form makes it easy to remove and plate up, cut and remove attractive slices. I like it with a spritz of whipped creme, my wife likes shredded dark chocolate on top. Enjoy.

Low Sugar Pumpkin Pie

2 15 oz. cans of Pumpkin
4 Eggs beaten
3/4 cup Heavy Cream
4 Tbs. of Mollasses
2 shots dark or Spiced Rum
3/4 cup of Splenda
4 Tsp. Cinnamon
2 Tsp. Ginger
2 Tbs. Cornstarch
1 Tsp. Ground Nutmeg
Dash each Salt and cardamom
Squirt of Lemon Juice, dash each of Vanilla and Almond Extract


Pre Heat Oven to 450 degrees F
Beat the 4 eggs and add the heavy cream, Rum, Molasses, dashes of lemon juice, vanilla and almond extract.

Add the two level Tbs. of Cornstarch, 4 Tsp. of Cinnamon, 2 Tsp. of Ginger, 1 Tsp. of Nutmeg, dashes of salt and cardamom. Then add the two cans of pumpkin. Mix this all throughly and scrape the sides to get it all mixed. Spray your pie pan with PAM.

Pour into the pie pan. Place in the 450 degree oven for 15 mins. Then reduce the oven to 350 degrees F for 50 mins. Let it cool before serving. We usually refrigerate it until needed. Whip cream on top, YUM!


My book “Small Foods” available on Amazon, has lots more recipes, sorry no deserts, just Entrees and all of them ramekin sized. We will add the deserts section in the next book.



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